Hockey, Law & Politics:

Former West Lightning Goalie Lindsey Park wants to be a new voice for Durham

Hockey and family are what gave Lindsey Park a set of core values to propel her into a successful career as a lawyer as well as aspire to political office as the Ontario PC Party representative in the riding of Durham.

The Oshawa resident played elite level hockey as a goaltender for the Durham West Girls Hockey Association. While stopping pucks was her passion, Lindsey’s time on the ice came with a stipulation from her parents.

“My mom and Dad instilled in me at a young age that sports and education went hand-in-hand,” she explained. “So I had to keep a minimum grade average of 80%, which I did, and that obviously helped towards me earning an NCAA athletic scholarship.” 

Lindsey became goalie for the Wayne State University Warriors in Michigan. She’s the all-time record holder for highest save percentage (.921) and goals against average (2.51) in school history. It was her experiences through youth and college hockey that shaped Lindsey’s philosophy on the power of teamwork, and she translated that mindset into politics. 

“Politics is the ultimate team sport. Just like in hockey if every member focuses on the same vision and does their own job well, then the group succeeds. That’s the type of mentality I want to bring into the riding and the Ontario PC Party.” 

Once the pads were off and stick put away, Lindsey achieved another impressive accomplishment. She earned a law degree and turned that into a successful career as a lawyer.  

Hunting for fairness and justice in the law helped push her to explore politics. “I had the privilege of working for federal cabinet minister Peter Kent in Stephen Harper’s government,” she remembered. “That’s where I really got a heart for public service and the difference you can make from a political office. I also saw how important it is to have people of integrity in those positions.” 

This enthusiasm continued to grow and Lindsey jumped at the chance to run for the Ontario PC Party nomination in the riding of Durham, which Lindsey calls home.

The want to listen and serve is real. She’s already been out to many events in the area as well as visiting a variety of cultural centres, businesses and groups of people in their homes. These aren’t staged handshaking photo ops, but an honest desire to learn more about individual’s local concerns. 

Lindsey embraces the diversity of Durham and knows that this is a strength that can fuel growth for the area. It’s that well-rounded mentality that she believes will allow her to bring everyone’s ideas in the riding together. “Residents skating in the same direction guided by strong leadership can make lives in these communities better.” 

It all comes back to that hockey mentality of teamwork. 

If you live in north Oshawa, Courtice, Bowmanville or the Port Perry area then you’re in the riding of Durham where Lindsey is running for the PC Party nomination.  

This is the first step for her to then run for office in the next provincial election. To have your voice heard through Lindsey she needs your help. You must become an Ontario PC Party member (only $10 for a membership) by June 12 and then vote for Lindsey at the PC nomination vote, which will be held on June 28. 

To get a membership, please call (905) 441-3222 or email Learn more by visiting her website at

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